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Rules 2023

1. Conditions of admission and stay

The purpose of this contract is to make available to the tenant the location bearing the number ____, which has an area of approximately ___ m2. On this location, the tenant may not install the following leisure mobile home:

 Brand:
 Model:
 Color(s):
 Acquisition dates:
 Area:
 Maximum capacity in number of people:

To be allowed to enter, settle or stay on the campsite, you must have been authorized by the manager or his representative. The latter MUST ensure that the campsite is kept in good order and in good order, as well as compliance with the application of this contract. The fact of staying on the campsite implies the acceptance of the provisions of this Lower Regulation and the commitment to comply with them.

2. Welcome desk

We welcome you from Monday to Saturday at the times displayed at the bar: information on the services of the campsite, information on the possibilities of refueling, sports facilities, the tourist attractions of the surroundings and various addresses which may prove useful. The complaints collection and processing system is available to these customers.

3. Leisure location

a) Purpose of the location

It is forbidden to sublet your pitch on the campsite. The tenant declares that he wishes to occupy the site only for tourist and leisure use for himself and his family (minor children must be accompanied) and that he has a dwelling principal residence, as declared in this contract. It is forbidden to take up residence in the campsite. Only people listed on the contract are allowed to enter the campsite.

b) Insurance

Throughout the duration of the contract, the tenant undertakes to have compulsory multi-risk insurance covering his accommodation in particular (against theft, fire, explosion, falling trees and branches or water damage ) as well as its civil liability. A certificate of insurance must be attached to this contract and will be sent to the manager at each renewal.

4. Form and duration of the contract

Modification of the contract - At the time of the proposal for the renewal of the location rental, the manager may modify the clauses of the new contract, this power of modification being in relation, without this list being exhaustive, for example with the carrying out of works , investments or improvements, with long-stay rental contract 2023 – Camping les Prés Marcotte ** Initials of the occupant of the pitch required on each page of this contract or regulations or with a change in business management or operating conditions. On the occasion of the proposal of the new contract, the proposal of new tariff falls under the competence of the manager and can take into account a certain number of factors, without this list being exhaustive: evolution of the cost of living, works, charges or investments, new equipment, changes in regulations, modification of commercial management, modification of operating conditions.


This rental is granted and accepted for a fixed period of 12 months, i.e. from January 1 to December 31, it begins on April 15 at 10:00 a.m. and ends on October 15 at 12:00 p.m., during which time the tenant may freely use these facilities, and its dead garage. At the end of the term, the tenant must have vacated the premises. The manager allows the tenant to leave his accommodation on the site free of charge, during which the tenant may not in any case occupy or leave his accommodation. Any visit relating to the maintenance of the accommodation by the tenant will be scheduled by the manager. The latter retains a general obligation to monitor the land
campsite during the closing period. Outside the opening period of the campsite, and insofar as the contractual relationship has not ceased, the manager allows the tenant to leave his accommodation on the site in the dead garage. During this
dead parking period:

- The tenant may not, under any circumstances, occupy or let occupy his accommodation.
- Any visit relating to the maintenance of the accommodation by the tenant must be scheduled in advance with the manager.

The “dead garage” is granted free of charge during the closing period. The manager will have no custody or maintenance obligation during this period, except by specific agreements duly expressed.

b) Form

The long-stay package is agreed for the family in direct contact with the responsible occupant: parents, children and grandchildren, called beneficiaries. They must all be entered on the entry form (depending on the maximum capacity of the mobile home. Example if the mobile home has been agreed to accommodate 4 beds, it will not be able to accommodate more). Anyone who does not meet these criteria will have to pay
a daily fee. The accommodation cannot be occupied simultaneously by more than one person corresponding to the capacity
and the leisure mobile home defined by the manufacturer. 


c) Early termination

Early termination does not give right to any refund of the fee and its options. 


4.1 Termination under a cancellation clause

All the clauses of this contract are binding. Failure to comply with the provisions of the contract, the rules of procedure as well as failure to comply with the managers, may result in the early termination of the agreed rental, after formal notice. The party that has not complied with its obligations will also be required to repair the damage caused to its co-contractor by its breaches. The application of this clause may be requested from the judge in chambers within the limits of his powers. The formal notice will give a period of 8 days to allow the tenant to regularize the breach.

Long-stay rental contract 2023 – Camping les Prés Marcotte **

Signature of the occupant of the space required on each page of the contract The formal notice will reproduce the entire termination clause (article 10.1 to 10.5), and will be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by bailiff justice.

4.2 Conventional termination

The termination of the rental contract may also occur, by mutual agreement, between the manager and the tenant, during the execution of the contract. This amicable termination must be formalized in writing signed by both parties.

4.3 Termination for force majeure

The contract will also be terminated in the event of the occurrence of an event having the characteristics of force majeure, without compensation on either side, and this in accordance with the provisions of article 1148 of the civil code.

4.4 Termination in the event of permanent closure of the site or in the event of cessation of activity

The contract will also be terminated in the event of permanent closure of the site or cessation of activity. In the event of cessation of activity, and unless this is not attributable to the operator, a notice period of three months will be left to the tenant, who will be notified by mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

5. Royalty

The royalties are to be paid to the manager at an agreed and very specific time, that is for April 15 of the current year. Half of the package must be paid according to the conditions of the entry form. After this time, we will apply a penalty of 5% of the remaining amount. The amount of the long stay package is agreed only from April 15 to October 15. To the amount of the fixed fee, any additional services requested by the tenant will be added:

- Installation and uninstallation costs (connection, wedging, connection) for an amount of 600.00 euros including tax. The long stay package has 500 KW for 16 Amps, 400 KW for 10 Amps, 300 KW for 6 Amps. Beyond this amount, a supplement of €35 per 100 KW will be billed to you at the end of the year. For water, the fixed price includes 10 m3, beyond that, 3€ per m3 will be invoiced to you at the end of the year.

6. Noise and animals

Customers are asked to avoid all noises and discussions that could disturb their neighbors. 11:00 p.m. is set as the maximum time for any permitted noise pollution. After 3 warnings the disturber will be expelled. Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. The closures of doors and trunks  must be as discreet as possible. Dogs and other animals should never be left loose and should not be left at the campground alone. Dogs of 1st and 2nd categories are forbidden. Owners are asked to pick up their animal's droppings and must give us their up-to-date vaccination record for their animal(s).

7. Visitors

After being authorized by the manager or his representative, visitors can be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive it. The services and facilities of the campsites are accessible to visitors who have paid their fee, i.e. €3.50 for an adult over 18 years old and €2.00 for a child up to 18 years old, for a maximum duration of 24 hours. However, the use
of this equipment can be paid for according to a tariff which must be displayed at the entrance to the campsite and on the signs provided for this purpose. (Daily rates). Visitor cars are not permitted on the grounds.

8. Traffic and parking of vehicles

Inside the campsite, vehicles must drive at a speed limit of 10 km/hour. Only vehicles that belong to the campers staying there can circulate in the campsite. Parking is strictly prohibited on pitches other than yours. Parking must also not impede traffic, nor prevent the installation of newcomers. Only one car per site is authorized, it is forbidden to leave your vehicles in the aisles: the vehicles must be on your plot.   Large trucks and vans exceeding the height of the gantries are prohibited in the campsite. We remind you that visitors' vehicles are not allowed to enter the campsite.

9. Maintenance and appearance of facilities

a) Cleanliness and pollution

Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, in particular the toilets. It is forbidden to throw waste water on the ground or in the gutters. Customers must empty waste water into the facilities provided for this purpose. Washing is strictly prohibited outside the bins provided for this purpose. Forbidden to cut branches, drive nails into trees.  Customers are asked to keep their cigarette butts as well as their waste (bottle, paper, etc.) and deposit them in the places provided for this purpose.

b) Household waste

Household waste must be placed in the bins in closed bags and recyclable waste (glass, cardboard, paper) in the containers provided for this purpose. Any bulky or non-domestic waste cannot be deposited in the trash room, which is not a waste collection centre.

c) Installation and equipment Floral plantings and decorations must be respected. It is not allowed to delimit the site by personal means, nor to dig the ground. All interventions carried out on the pitches must be reported to the manager and be authorized by the management (hedge, chalet, terrace, etc.) Tarpaulins, gazebo curtains, anything that does not refer to a terrace are strictly prohibited.
Any repair of degradation committed to the vegetation, the fences, the ground and the facilities of the campsite will be the responsibility of its author. The location that will have been used during the stay must be maintained in the state in which the occupant found it when entering the premises, that is to say; grass pitch, so tenants who have deposited stones, wood chips, etc. will have to remove them. If this is not the case, a flat rate of €500.00 for repairs will be invoiced. It is forbidden to plug or lower your gutters into the sewer.

The toilet block is mainly reserved for motorhomes, caravans and tents as well as customers who have paid the fee. People not authorized will receive a warning for non  respect. We are in no way responsible for any damage caused by power cuts. It is advisable not to leave food in your freezer, fridge. We advise you to remove your patio cover to avoid any deterioration by the weather. To leave your mobile homes open to let in light and heat during this period. The sanitary facilities (showers, toilets, sinks) will only be accessible from April 15. 


10. Security

a) Fire

Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Stoves should be kept in good working order and not used in hazardous conditions. In case of fire, notify management immediately. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary. A first aid kit is at the bar. It is forbidden to put wood in your barbecue. 

b) Theft

The management declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft, etc. The camper retains responsibility for his own installation and must inform the manager of the presence of any suspicious person.

c) Mobility

It is up to the tenant to ensure that the mobile leisure residence, in accordance with the regulations (article A 111-2 of the Urban Code) permanently retains its means of mobility. Check the condition of the wheels and keep the arrow available.

11. Games

No violent or annoying game can be organized near the facilities: in the alleys or plots that do not belong to them. Children must always be under the responsibility of their parents, especially at the swimming pool (prohibited for children under 12) and near the fishing ponds.


12. Transfer of material

The contract will lapse if there is a change of owner during the year or without informing us. In the event of the sale of a mobile home, the manager reserves the right to recover the site. Sales of mobile homes will be possible under the following conditions:


a) Sale on plot

The manager does not authorize within his establishment the resale of mobile homes for leisure whose seniority exceeds 20 years from the date of manufacture. However, if equipment less than 20 years old is in general condition that does not comply with the obsolescence grid (available on request), it cannot be sold on the plot. If the tenant sells his accommodation to a third party, the latter must approach the manager to negotiate a new rental contract for a pitch with the manager. Indeed, in accordance with the provisions of article 1717 of the civil code, the manager does not authorize the transfer of the rental contract of the location to the purchaser of the accommodation, which must be notified by the tenant in title. .

b) Off-plot sale

In the event that the age of the mobile home exceeds 20 years, or if it is deemed to be dilapidated, or if the customer wishes to sell it by himself, the owners must then remove their equipment from the site and remove all traces of their stay. If this is not the case, a flat rate of €500 will be invoiced for the repair. The seller must be up to date with the fee for his package.

The name and image of the campsite are the sole property of the manager. In the event of a serious or repeated violation and after formal notice by the manager to comply with it, the latter may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call on the police


 The manager may be charged by the tenant with the resale of his accommodation. Therefore, the two parties will agree on a mandate for the sale of movable property which will determine the obligations of the manager in return for the commission he will receive. This commission will be 10% of the selling price including VAT.

13. Miscellaneous Provisions

It is forbidden to wash any motor vehicle on the grounds. Commercial or professional use is prohibited. Use only standard-compliant electrical equipment. Do not forget to put according to the material in connection with the installed fuse. Fuses will only be replaced during office hours. Each mobile home owner is obliged to maintain their accommodation, in particular for reasons of safety (maintenance of their water heater by a professional every year), hygiene but also aesthetics (external washing of equipment installed on the rented location). A garden shed can only be installed on a plot if it respects urban planning rules 4m2 exterior maximum, and after authorization from the manager. Sheet metal chalet prohibited. Concrete screeds prohibited.
Any service (installation and repair specific to the mobile home) carried out by the campsite staff will be invoiced at €40 per hour


14. Contract renewal conditions

a) Breach of contract

In the event that a resident disturbs the stay of other users or does not comply with the provisions of this contract, the manager or his representative may orally or in writing, if he deems it necessary, give notice to the latter to put an end to the disturbances. In the event of a serious or repeated breach and after formal notice by the manager to comply with it, the latter may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call on the police. 


b) Non-renewal

As this is a fixed-term contract, it automatically ends at the aforementioned term. The manager, if he has a legitimate reason, may not offer the tenant a new contract when the latter expires. (for example: non-payment of the fee, non-compliance with the rules of procedure as well as non-compliance with the managers). An amicable termination may occur formalized in writing signed by both parties.
The tenant who plans to leave the land must notify 3 months before his departure by registered mail AR (LRAR).
The manager must inform the tenant 2 months before the end of the contract if he intends to offer him a new contract for the following year or if he plans not to renew it for a legitimate reason. The sale of the accommodation entails the end of the contract. Then, the payment of the annual package will be made according to the conditions listed in article 12 of this contract. If the tenant receives 3 warnings during the reference period (April 15 – October 15), he will be evicted.

15. Consumer mediation and GDPR

In accordance with the provisions of the consumer code, any customer of the campsite has the right to have free recourse to a consumer mediator with a view to the amicable resolution of a dispute between him and the operator of the campsite. The consumer mediator thus proposed is MEDICYs (Center for mediation and amicable settlement of judicial officers - 73, Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 - Paris).

The personal data collected is strictly reserved for internal use and accessible only to people working in the administration/reception. Tenants have the right to rectify, delete, access, modify data collected. The tenants expressly authorize the campsite, without compensation, to use on any medium the photos or videos of themselves, their children or other participants in the stay, which could be taken during their stay, for the current advertising needs of the campsite ( website, social networks, written publications, etc.). In case of refusal, an attestation must be written and signed by both parties.

16. Fees and Penalty

Non-payment of the fee by the due date (April 15) will result in late fees of 20 euros per month. The same will apply to invoices for various services. The tenant, who has become an occupant without right or title, due either to the non-renewal of the contract which has expired, or to the acquisition of the termination clause will be liable for an occupancy indemnity calculated according to the prices of the campsite in force increased by 10%, until the release of the premises.

17. Pool

The swimming pool is open from June 15 to September 15. It can be heated to increase the temperature of the water. swimming pool and undertake to respect the safety and hygiene instructions in the interest of all. The following points must be observed and respected, minors must in no case be alone at the edge of the pool, children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. Young swimmers will have to equip themselves with armbands. The use of the swimming pool is reserved only for the clients of the campsite. Out of respect for others, the pool enclosure must be kept clean and personal belongings removed
after each use. Put your shoes in the places provided for this purpose, at the entrance to the swimming pool. The shower and the passage to the footbath is obligatory. Swimming shorts are prohibited, only swimsuits and swimming trunks are authorized. Babies will obviously be equipped with special nappies.

The swimming pool is open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The management reserves the right to modify or close the swimming pool and the slides, in particular for technical, health or safety reasons. Waterslide schedules are displayed at the pool entrance.

It is forbidden to :
- bathing at night
- to open the skimmers
- manipulate the robot
- to throw or push sb into the water
- use soap and other products in the water
- to eat/drink/smoke/vape/spit/eat chewing gum in the pool area
- to splash the participants
- to make a bomb in the water
- to throw objects, stones or other in the water
- of running
- to urinate in water
- to shout or organize violent games around and in the swimming pool
- inflatable games (balloons, buoys, etc.)

The pool and children's games (paddling pool) are prohibited for children over 10 years old.

18. Peach

Fishing rules and prices are displayed at the bar. It will be respected. Residents have a fee to pay:
-Adults (+16 years old): 25.00€
-Young people (-16 years old): €15.00

19. Election of domicile

For the execution of the present, the parties elect domicile:

- the manager at the campsite address,
- the tenant at his permanent residence as he has declared at the top of this document. Any modification of said domicile must be notified in writing to the manager no later than 15 days following the move.
This contract has been drawn up in as many originals as there are parties, each of which acknowledges having received
one copy, as well as the attached documents.
o Have read the rules of procedure
o Have read the fishing regulations
o Have read the swimming pool regulations

Rules from January 01, 2023 to December 31, 2023

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